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My Week At School

My week at school was good.Me and my friend always get to do stuff for our teacher.Also if we are good the whole week you get free time on Friday which means you can bring ¬†candy,chips,and a Gatorade .And we go outside every day on Monday,Wednesday,and Friday.My friends names are Angel,Jayla,Karen,and Betsy.Lunch is boring because you can’t talk or you have to go to the stage to sit alone I really never go up there because I don’t really talk that much.And if you have a dollar you can buy a ice-cream bar or a ice-cream sandwich.I don’t really get ice-cream because I really never ask my parents for money but that’s okay because we have ice-cream at home.My grades are good I made a 90,95,81,and a ¬†85.I keep trying to pull them up and up every week you can if you just pat attention and follow directions .I do because I want a good education.My teacher’s name is Mrs.Bryant,Mr.Gibbs,and Mrs.Brown.


My daddy’s Birthday

Today is my dad’s birthday .Today I spent the day at my grandma’s house we made chicken and dumplings.We are making a pineapple upside down cake.Today we went to Montezuma to the grocery store.While my mom and dad were at work.It’s a rainy day before it started raining it was so hot and the gnats were so bad.Also my cousin was there.She’s also blond haired like me.I wore some green,white,and blue shorts and a green,red,white,black,and yellow and it say’s Field Day Dooly County Elementary.My shoes are pink.And a white ponytail holder.My eyes are brown and green mixed together.My nails and toenails are not painted.And also brother was here with us he has brown hair and brown and green eyes mixed like me.My grandma has brown hair and her eyes are blue.And my cousin has blue eyes just like my grandma.